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We help local participants to get their drivers licenses by paying for test fees, lessons, defensive driving courses, and we offer other support that can be sometimes be required. We want  to have safer and legal drivers on our roads and to give people more options in terms of getting jobs or further training. The centre likes the idea that if we help those involved to add another qualification and skill, then local jobs can be filled and opportunities to stay and contribute to our community are created.


 The project is a reciprocal one where by those receiving support exchange their time as volunteers so as to pay it forward for the license support. This can have lots of benefits beyond them getting their licenses. The centre and the other community groups we work in the volunteer programme benefit from the time given, the volunteers meet new people, learn new skills and make connections.  

Our venue hosts 20 different community organisations who use the centre for meetings and workshops on a regular basis. Public and private health practitioners and welfare groups who work from the venue. We offer an accessible and affordable space that is used by a range of organisations and special interest groups. The centre as well as being the host, plays an active role facilitating the natural networking and community connection that comes from that.

We also support positive community initiative and other community groups that exist informally and sometimes need help with venue or contact information sometimes funding advice is required and assistance with funding applications and brokerage of partnerships can be provided. Please see the Privet Control Initiative under our projects. 


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People have always needed places to meet, to share ideas, insights, plans, to teach and learn new skills, and just to support each other in life.


The long history of Hoterini/Thames is told in the community's changing fortunes. Once a centre of Maori trade, then one of the richest goldfields in the southern hemisphere, a centre of engineering innovation, the town has always attracted an interesting and diverse community.


The Thames Community Centre is a charitable trust and employs a 2 part-time staff, Manager Jeff and  Drive and Volunteer Coordinator Katey. they are supported by a wonderful volunteer Board of Trustees. You can read about us here.


The lounge area available for hire can comfortably accommodate 20 people and two separate smaller offices or clinical rooms compliment the space offered.  A kitchen can be utilized as part of  the hireage. Please contact the Manager for more information.


..."community" comes from shared experiences and a sense of—not necessarily the actual experience of—shared history. ...this feeling is fundamental to human existence...

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