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Who they are and what they do for us

The Thames Community Centre has volunteer mentors who practice driving  with students in the Centre's Valley Toyota car, to help them reach their restricted and full licenses.


The driver volunteers practice their driving twice a week for an hour with their mentors. This part of the programme usually runs for 12 weeks. Please get in touch with the centre to learn more.

Driver License Mentor Volunteer Waikato Position

We asked Colleen, one of our volunteer mentors what would you say to others thinking
about being involved?
It’s very rewarding. It’s only a couple of hours a week so not a big commitment. It’s a way of
contributing to the community as having a drivers licence removes barriers to work and
gives independence.
Some of the students have been youth and getting to know them whilst practicing driving
keeps me in touch with that age group that I would otherwise not have any contact with. All
the students have been eager to learn and have done well.
It’s only a couple of hours a week so not a big commitment.
I was looking for something else to make my life meaningful, give back to the community
and meet some new people.

It’s good seeing change and skills being implemented. Knowing you are helping to set up independence and jobs. It is so wonderful to be involved, it can be a bit nerve wracking when we first start the practices but so worthwhile.


Pete, a driving mentors had this to say –

“The experience has been very satisfying.

I got to know pretty well the drivers pretty well, and it was so good to see them both increasing in confidence and driving capability.
I became a mentor so as to be able to give something back to the wonderful Thames
community that has been so welcoming to my wife and me since we moved here about 2 years ago.
I think the program works well.  It is a commitment, but is both enjoyable and satisfying to see the pupils through. However you can be assured that if and when you need to miss a session or two there are others who can stand in for you.

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