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Our Services

Thames Community has a range of projects, services and initiatives.


The centre places volunteers from and drive and volunteer programme with local community organisations. We also place those folk who are looking to give time back to their community. So if you're interested in helping out in anyway contact the centre.



The Centre has a comfortable lounge area available for hire by community groups and individuals.  Perfect for seminars, group work and meetings. A small kitchen can be utilized as part of the hireage.


​Two other rooms are available for hire, visiting health and family professionals find the venue offers an affordable and safe space. We have times available for use and welcome more services.

Please contact Jeff on or 07 868 9797 more information.


The initiative provides support to get a car license to those willing to give some volunteer time back to the community.

The Centre will pay for courses, test fees, lessons, mentored driving and defensive driving courses. To get this support, you give volunteer time to the community as your contribution to the scheme.


Use our free public computers to access AA mock tests, CV writing templates and advice as well as enabling links to NZQA records and logins for Real Me and My IR accounts.


We're big on self-realisation and success, we like resilience and giving back and want to make it easier to get jobs and for folks to stay within their communities.


The Thames Community Centre has started a new program for students to help them reach their restricted and full licenses, and provide support to them with finding a time to practice their driving with our new Driving Mentor program.


Volunteers of the centre can book in an hour of driving practice with one of our mentors here at the centre, using our new car kindly donated to us by Valley Toyota.


Here at the community centre we are celebrating the completion of our garden, much to the help of our wonderful volunteers, Shane, Robyn and Jonesy. They have done a fantastic job at getting the garden ready for planting, and it’s looking really good, and only going to get better.

Shane has since passing his restricted license, has gained employment.

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We will kick off again in the new year but are interested on hearing from anyone who needs help. We can arrange some assistance as part of our market research for a new programme starting in the new year.

Centre volunteer Brennan is really happy to help out those needing some guidance or advice on digital technology. Get help with that new phone set up, organise your devices, photos and files, social media, emails.

To book get in touch by phone or email.

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