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609 MacKay Street, Thames 3500

We've got great achievements, exciting plans and inspiring dreams - find out more...

Our Volunteers at Thames Community Centre help build community by giving back and paying it forward. 

There's a range of weekly and monthly activities at the Community Centre.... Join in, or start a new one! There's room to grow...

Community Venue


Volunteer Services

Driver Licensing Education

Community Education

IT and Digital Tech Access and Tuition


Art Therapy



Check here for information on groups and services keeping Thames the great place it is...

To Learn, Connect, and share is our mission.

The Centre is a home for a number of community groups.

We host health and family workers.

We provide community education.

Our Need Tech services are for those wanting advice and training with their digital devices.

We help people to get their car drivers license.

We provide places where people can volunteer both here at the centre and with other community organisations.

We have a venue available for hire.

People have always needed places to meet, to share ideas, insights, plans, to teach and learn new skills, and just to support each other in life.

The Thames Community Centre is a charitable trust and employs a 2 part-time staff, Manager Jeff and  Drive and Volunteer Coordinator Cath. They are supported by our wonderful volunteers and Board of Trustees. 

The lounge area available for hire can comfortably accommodate 20 people and two separate smaller offices or clinical rooms compliment the space offered.  A kitchen can be utilized as part of  the hireage. Please contact the Manager for more information.

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..."community" comes from shared experiences and a sense of—not necessarily the actual experience of—shared history. ...this feeling is fundamental to human existence...

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