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Thames Community Centre Trust Board

Ian Stewart (BSc, Grad Dip Tch) - Chairperson

Living on a lifestyle farm near Thames since 2001 with Louise and our children. On our property there are donkeys, cows, sheep, chickens and ducks. At least half of the property has been allowed to revert to bush to protect streams.


I have taught at secondary schools in the region during this time. In addition, served 3 years on the BOT at Thames High School.


Other Thames groups I am/have been involved with include Thames Coast Kiwi Care, Toastmasters Thames, Thames Coast Protection Society, Transition Towns Thames. Through which I have actively supported projects which promote wellbeing, environmental protection and sustainable living.

Robyn Sinclair - Treasurer/ Secretary

My husband and I arrived in Thames in 2014 because we liked it best of all. We've really enjoyed our time here and it is a wonderful place to be raising our son. I have a background in ecology/biology with a bachelors from Victoria University Wellington and Masters(hons) from Macquarie University, Sydney. Since completing both I have kept an interest in nature and the environment, and the preservation of both.
As well as being a trustee with the centre, I work for Age Concern Thames as the visitor services co-ordinator, and I am the convenor of Transiton Town Thames. These 3 roles overlap more than I had expected, which is actually a wonderfully unexpected bonus to each role.

Jeff Whitfield - Manager

Jeff has worked within the community for many years, he comes to the centre following a role at Strengthening Families where he coordinated family health education and welfare services.   

Louise Deane - Board Member
Louise has many and varied interests and has been a science teacher, a builder and a farmer and has been involved with community and environmental groups around Thames. including the Seagull Centre, Thames Coast Kiwi Care and Transition Towns Thames.  


In general, all correspondence to the Thames Community Centre Trust is done via the Manager. Click HERE.


However, if you wish to email the Chairperson directly, you can do so by clicking HERE.

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